Teens: What is the biggest mistake you've made thus far in your life?

Answer I regret not being confident enough to practically do anything.My self-esteem was so low I couldn't talk to guys, I couldn't talk in front of the class, or meet new peopleI feel like I've missed ou... Read More »

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Do you regret your student loans?

I will tell you honestly that I personally hate the fact that I have student loans. I had orginally went to a private school because I had a scholarship, but there were other expenses that I still ... Read More »

Did you regret giving up your child?

Yes. I regret adoption with all of my heart. You will too. So will your child. The only thing a baby wants and knows is his/her mom. Your child will suffer a tremendous loss without you if you... Read More »

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret Breaking It Off?

After being broken up with, it may seem impossible to pull your life back together and get back in control of your emotions, but with the right tactics before you know it you will be back to that c... Read More »

Do you regret having your premolars extracted for braces?

Thanks for using my quotes regarding bicuspid extraction and I can assure you that all those statements are true from seeing them first hand in private practice. The front teeth play an extremely i... Read More »