What is your best natural remedy tip that you know works?

Answer Carrots for insect bites. I've personally used carrot on a yellow-jacket sting, and it never swelled. The person who told me about it used it on a brown recluse spider bite (it rots the flesh!) and... Read More »

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Aussies what is the best home remedy for your health or cleaning your home that works?

For food spills on the floor, let the dog in.

What is the best "natural" remedy to protect or strengthen your memory?

I've had problems with my memory most of my life. I've found a few things that have helped my memory, as well as my mental cognition, not to mention all the customers that tell me how much they hel... Read More »

How to Know That Your Exfoliator Works?

Whether you use a manual or chemical exfoliation system, you know that it is working by the way your skin looks and feels. Manual exfoliation refers to using an abrasive product to remove dead skin... Read More »

Do you know a natural remedy for insomnia?

There are popular and effective natural sleep aids that don't have a risk of addiction. There's Melatonin, Valerian, Chamomile, Hops, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Passionflower, and Scullcap (an herb)... Read More »