What is your best cure for winter blahs?

Answer A hot time in the bedroom

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What is the best alcohol to drink before work One that won't give me the mid-day blahs once it wears off?

Vodka+CoffeeAs you already know, light makes you fight! I know vodka gets me all riled up. Where the hell have you been girl??

What is your best hangover cure?

Two portions of Jellied Eels and a lump of unbuttered bread - and what in God's name is "Full Fat Coke" - since when did coke have ANY fat in it ! ! !

What is your best after sunburn cure?

Take your cute little viking bod and place it in a tub half full of cool water spiked with vinegar.Yes, vinegar will get rid of that nasty sunburn. I know because I used this remedy many times whi... Read More »

What is your best cure for cold and flu symptoms?

The best thing to do is...Triple your fluid intake...This waters down the virus & helps your body get back on top of the virus.Take paracetamol EVERY 4 hours...Follow the directions on the box.Keep... Read More »