What is your approach to combating obesity in your kids?

Answer I am a 14 year old boy myself, and from a young age I have been not forced, but positively encouraged by my parents to eat a healthy, balanced diet whilst taking regular exercise.I find that it doe... Read More »

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What relation is your mother's first cousin's kids to your kids?

The children of your mother's first cousin are your second cousins. They and your children are second cousins, once removed, to each other.

What is your best approach to recuperating from a severe bout of flu..?

One definition of flu is that if someone said there was a £20 note stuck on your front door you would lie in bed and say 'Oh yeah' rather than go and get it.Rest, paracetamol to cope with the ache... Read More »

What should your 9 year old daughter's daily caloric intake be if she is at risk for obesity according to the BMI calculator and her dr-she weighs 98.5 lbs and is 4'8 We are doing this as a family?

The calorie intake for a child should be approx 1500 cals per day. Remember excersie should be a part of any weight lose program.Do not pay to much attention to the BMI as it can be missleading. I ... Read More »

How to Approach Your Horse?

Don't want to spook your horse when you approach him? Here's how: