What is your approach to combating obesity in your kids?

Answer I am a 14 year old boy myself, and from a young age I have been not forced, but positively encouraged by my parents to eat a healthy, balanced diet whilst taking regular exercise.I find that it doe... Read More »

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The Mediterranean approach is to teach kids to drink at home before 18; does this work here or not and why?

Interesting topic and one I have thought about myself many times now I am a parent ;-)When we were kids, some nights dad used to have a beer and mum had 1/2 a glass of wine. Dad would let us have... Read More »

What is the Role of intelligence agencies in combating terrorism?

The Bay of Pigs, (April 17-19, 1961), was an American operation intending to overthrow Castro and it planned to have the previous Prime Minister, Jose Miro Cardona, reinstalled. The CIA recruited ... Read More »

How effective was US foreign policy during the period 1945-1952 in combating Communist aggression in Europe and Asia?

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The Homeland Security System Advisory System is effective in combating terrorism?