What happens when your answer is judged as Best Answer?

Answer For starters, you get 10 points. (If you have the option turned on it will send you an e-mail) Then after that, whenever someone goes to that question they will have the opportunity to give you a ... Read More »

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Why can you not get someone in the UK to answer a dispute with 3G to answer your questions and understand what you are trying to tell them?

Vegetrian advice "i'll answer your question, if you answer mine"?

Yes fish is considered meat. Basically if you eat fish, but no other meat you are a pescatarian. A vegetarian may be lacto-ovo, ovo, or lacto. Lacto means they consume dairy products while ovo refe... Read More »

Which apointment does the ortho put your braces on please hurry and answer i need the answer FAST!?

Your first appointment is for a consultation where the office looks at you and decides what would be the best treatment options for you. Your second appointment can be a variety of appointments. Yo... Read More »

For your answer please press Ctrl + V in the answer box?

I saw you've listened to the levis commercial song I Walk The Line and I was wondering if you could send it to me. My email is reneeavargas@gmail.comthanks!Renee(loved this question btw)