What is your Favorite smell of food cooking in kitchen and why?

Answer Has to be bacon or a Sunday roast.

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What would cause rotten food smell in kitchen drains?

Exactly that, rotten food. Purchase some drain cleaner and follow directions. Food leaves some bacteria in the pipes of kitchen sinks. Of course it shouldnt, reality is that it does. 3 or 4 times p... Read More »

On Friday you had an terrible experience cooking in an industrial kitchen environment and now you are afraid of cooking in ovens as you have lost your confidence Can anyone explain if this is possible?

This is very possible. If you are Jewish and survived the holacost you might be afraid of ovens or industrial size oven. yea that's about it theres no other explanation

Why does water that comes from my kitchen sink smell so bad not sulpher Also after dishwasher runs dishes smell awful?

British Food Cooking Question: Does anyone have any good recipes for cooking...?

Yeah, I think that goes really good with a dose of extra strength penicillin.*cries because spots are uber creepy!*