What was the house you grew up in like Who lived with you What was your neighborhood like?

Answer I grew up in a small three storey terrace. The neighbourhood was good. I could walk to school and the play park was across the road from where I lived.

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Do you ever imagine what your contacts/fans look like/are like in real life?

real pictures uphowever, hairs back to black and put my piercings back in.hmm lets seeBorn May 28th 1991I'm really short, people think im tall and their first comment always is 'wow you're shorter ... Read More »

What to do if your cousin dosen't like you and you dont like her?

Just don't talk to her. You should leave her alone for a while. Remember though that you are cousins and still are family. Family is important, they are the ones closest to you, though one day you ... Read More »

Ladies, what did your discharge look like, if any, during your 2WW and before your BFP?

I didnt ever really dry up after O, and I also found that I saw some milky white cm after my bfp and have had it throughout the pregnancy.CM during pregnancy is consistent with high progesterone cm... Read More »

What do you do if deep down your older brother feels like your boyfriend has replaced him in your life and show no respect to your boyfriend and resents you for dating him?

You shouldspeak to your brother and say that he is still very important to you. Tell him that you were going to get a boyfriend sooner or later and they will change but he will always be your broth... Read More »