What is you first choice for a snack...?

Answer Ruffles original with sunny delight. POWWWWW

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Which snack is the healthier choice to eat before you go to bed the yogurt or a banana?

Yogurt is much better than a banana. A banana gives you tons of energy and will make it almost impossible to fall asleep. Yogurt is filling and won't give you nearly as much energy and a banana wil... Read More »

What is a good choice for my first drink?

Its really easy to overdrink when you're new into drinking...infact i still do it lol. Drink beer, its easily counted, tastes alright too

What car was the first to be offered with a choice of colors?

The Ford Model T was the first affordable, mass-produced automobile, but it was also the first to be offered in a variety of colors such as blue, green, grey and red since its inception in 1908. Ho... Read More »

What is a better choice for a first DSLR Please help..!?

In my opinion the Pentax K-x is the better choice.The main advantage to a camera using AA batteries is that you can always find them. Cameras that use a proprietary battery are useless when the bat... Read More »