What is you favorite type of cuisine?

Answer vietnamese...any "bun" dish & fresh shrimp spring rolls.i love the fresh flavors from the cilantro & its low fat with high flavor

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Whats your favorite type of ethnic cuisine?

Mexican - chorizo burritos! Or Vietnamese - spring rolls!

What is your favorite Ethnic cuisine?

I am with you: Chinese and Mexican! But right now my whole family is into Vietnamese. There is a restaurant nearby and we have been eating there a lot. Thank goodness it is not expensive at all... Read More »

What is your favorite korean cuisine?

Galbi (ribs) and Kimchi and many veggiesDune

What is your top 5 favorite food cuisine in Moroccan?

A single bite of a Moroccan food cuisine contains the aroma of paprika, cumin, dried ginger, chilies, cinnamon and many more. Each cook has his own secret recipe and contains a mixture of spices in... Read More »