What is you favorite soda flavor ?

Answer Dr. Pepper of course, unless I'm up north and then I go for Coke cause the DP sucks up there.

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What's your favorite flavor of soda?

I freaking love Vanilla Coke, the vanilla adds a light cooling taste. Mountain Dew is really awesome too (i think its better than sprite). Its too bad I have to stay away from soda because im pregn... Read More »

Soda drinkers only: what's your favorite soda?

Now let me tell you friend. Pepsi, ALL THE WAY. However, when I have the choice of no pepsi, say at McDonalds, I will choke it down to chase down the lead of big mac I just ate that will sit in m... Read More »

What is your favorite flavor of ice crean?

oooo...I love all the "Ben and Jerrys" ice cream...but my favorite is this one i just recentaly tried which is called something like Chocolate Brownie. it is chocolate ice cream with CHUNKs of brow... Read More »

What is your favorite kool-aid flavor?