Is wrought iron fence made with wrought iron?

Answer Wrought iron fences are made with wrought iron. This type of fencing is strong and offers security from intruders. It is easily moldable, so fences can come in practically any design.Source:Wrought... Read More »

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What is wrought iron?

An iron alloy, in which iron ore is heated and combined with other metals or elements, can result in a metal that has great strength and versatility. Some iron alloys, such as steel and cast iron, ... Read More »

When was wrought iron first discovered?

Wrought is a synonym for "worked." Humans have worked with iron since 3500 B.C.E., and iron production became widespread by the 8th century B.C.E. In the Middle Ages, wrought iron was used for weap... Read More »

What is a wrought iron door?

A wrought iron door is a door made with metal that is bent, hammered or twisted into a design. Although the traditional definition of "wrought iron" refers to hand-worked metal, today the term can ... Read More »

How to Repaint Wrought Iron?

It’s rare to find wrought iron that doesn’t contain at least a little rust. Fortunately, it’s easy to restore wrought iron. Here are seven simple steps to get it done right.