What is wrongful termination?

Answer Employment and labor laws are created to protect employers and employees. However, given the at-will employment rules emerging in many states, there has been more confusion about what constitutes w... Read More »

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What would be considered wrongful termination?

The most important function of any worker is to perform his job efficiently, thus reducing the chances of termination. However, some employers release employees for varying unjust reasons.Discrimi... Read More »

The Wrongful Termination Act?

If you have recently been laid off or fired from a job and you feel the termination was unfair or unlawful, you might have the legal right to file a claim against the employer. There are legal comp... Read More »

Wrongful Termination & Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination occurs when a job applicant or an employee receives less favorable treatment because of their age. Federal and state laws prohibit age discrimination in the workplace. The law al... Read More »

Wrongful Termination & Discharge?

Most employer-employee relationships are “at will.” This means that an employer can terminate the employment relationship for any legal reason. If an employer terminates or discharges an employ... Read More »