What is wrong with wikipedia right now?

Answer "What is wrong with Wikipedia right now?"Lots. There is rampant vandalism, it's far from complete and the admins abuse their powers and are vandals them selves. I tried to add a page for something ... Read More »

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What is wrong with Wikipedia?

Try following the instructions to clear your browser's cache at < >, then restart your browser completely.If I'm right, your copy of Wikipedia's stylesheet was corrupted, ... Read More »

I see foggy like in my right eye, what is wrong with it?

It is difficult to say, unless you specify more symptoms. There are many possibilities, with cataract being one possible reason.I would suggest that you visit an eye surgeon as quickly as possible.

What is wrong with Christopher Big Black Boykins right eye?

What's wrong with Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is in blackout to protest against SOPA and PIPA bills. These bills if passed will censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. In short, these bills are efforts to ... Read More »