I'm wearing a white strapless dress with a navy and white polka dot belt. What colour heels should I wear?

Answer HiNavy or royal blue would go nicely with your dress (you have good dress sense) :-)Hope this helps have a nice day :-)Oh and gold jewellery goes well with white and blue :-)

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How to Wear White After Labor Day?

Have you ever heard the phrase "Never wear white after Labor Day?" Get ready to forget about it; defy the rules and become your own boss in the world of fashion.

Why can't we wear white after Labor day?

I believe the rule is no white shoes, not no white clothing. White shoes are summer attire, and it is tacky to wear them when summer is over.

Is it okay to wear white shorts after Labor Day?

I keep having to paint my house as the white gloss goes yellow after about a month. What am I doing wrong?

You need to use a product like kills first, then use a paint that is not a flat, if you use a gloss you can wash it easier.