What is wrong with this line of javascript?

Answer 1) A malformed HTML file can interfere with your browser's ability to render it.2) Your HTML file needs to reference your .js file in order to use any functions in your .js file. I.e. 3) in your a... Read More »

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What is wrong with my knockout javascript syntax ?

It doesn't work because it's not valid JavaScript syntax, and it references variables that aren't defined.Take a look at the first line:$funciton(){What are you trying to do here? You have a $ at t... Read More »

My phone-line has no dial tone.. has it been disconnected or is there something wrong with the line?

Around my parts (IL), all residences have a phone box attached to the outside of the residence; it's where the phone line comes into the house. If you have one, it should be labeled with the name ... Read More »

My minolta XG-1 was dropped and now i see a black line when i look into it, what could be wrong?

You probably damaged the focusing screen or at least knocked it out of alignmentAll you can do it take it to a camera repair shop

Boundary dispute: my neighbour claims that our boundary line is wrong?

The clue is the fact that she might be mental, she may be Bi-polar in which case she is convinced that she is right and you are wrong.Ascertain who visits her, daughter, neice, sister etc, and have... Read More »