What is wrong with this?

Answer It's a known issue, occuring in recent versions of Chrome. Until either Chrome or Wikipedia comes up with a real solution, the solution is to use zoom level 100%, it only occurs with zoom < 100% (a... Read More »

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What is wrong with this c++ program?

1) declare answer before do (else you have identifier not declared)2) and use char, not string3) when you have x=3, y=2 div = 3/2 is equal 1 because you have declare variable int, change to double... Read More »

What is wrong with this girl?

Trust me I’m a girl. Obviously she’s not gonna tell you she’s jealous! Wake up! She’s also trying to play hard, to get, and make you jealous. She’s trying to make it seems that she’s ha... Read More »

What is wrong with this camera?

I'd say something has broken in the lens mechanism. So, unless it's still under warranty, it's done.These cheap, small cameras are throw away like an old cell phone. When, not if, it breaks youtr... Read More »

What is wrong with this outfit?

the shoes don't match the outfit. Your clothes are sporty and the shoes are kinda classy. You need sneakers.(light color sneakers)