What is wrong with the direct TV box if the picture is not showing up on the tv?

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Brand new DVD player... menu/dvd picture not showing on TV. What am I doing wrong?

Well, the first thing is to check that you connected the AV cable connected to the right ports on the DVD player. Sometimes it's easy to get the cable in the wrong port.Assuming all your cables ar... Read More »

My camcorder keeps showing lens cap when I try to record but the lens cap is not on. What is wrong with it?

Mine does that when the room is too dark, use the light on the camera if you have one. Try to go in a bright room and see if it still does it

What is wrong with my rear projection TV the picture is green?

Is it normal to not be showing at eight weeks or is something wrong with you if you have not gained any weight?

Answer I would have to say no. I was five months along and was barely showing. If this is your first pregnancy you usually will not show right away. My sister is on her fifth child is four months a... Read More »