What is wrong with pierced ears?

Answer Parents don't accept change very easily when it comes to their kids. They are used to telling you what to do as you grew up. You have to ease them into the changes instead of just springing it on... Read More »

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Can a black guy with his ears pierced get a job?

Many employers do not allow men to wear this type of jewelry. However, you are more than welcome to have the actual piercings - you just don't wear the jewelry when you're on the job. That's what m... Read More »

Help with getting my ears pierced?

They won't fall out, when I first got mine done the backs were very tight and secure. If they do fall out I'd be very surprised! Also I think the chlorine might help them in a way! Have fun swimmin... Read More »

What is wrong with my ears?

It has to do with the cold. Fluid in the nasal passages gets into the middle ear, but not where you can get to it. If it is still bothering you in two weeks, see your doctor.

How to Bathe Safely With Newly Pierced Ears/Cartilage?

So, you just got your ears or cartilage pierced. With a new piercing, bathing can be rather a challenge. To learn how to safely bathe with newly pierced ears or cartilage, read on.