What is wrong with my wrist?

Answer Call the doc. He'll help ya! :P Sorry hun...the only thing I would try is icing it and letting it rest. Maybe wear a wrist brace or something...~Mandi (13 years old)

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What's wrong with my wrist?

it seems you overstresed it and dont give it to much thought take it easy for a week or two joints can hurt for a long not much of a docter and i dont think you need one to tell you to take a rest ... Read More »

Do I need to see a dr What is wrong with my wrist Please help?

You may have a hairline fracture or a minor sprain in the ellipsoid joint.This injury could potentially heal on its own, however it may take up to a few weeks.Try not to put any severe stress on it... Read More »

What is wrong with my wrist Popping and catching Please help?

Sounds like you taxed your wrist and broke the areas related to keeping your wrist aligned. You may want to see an orthopedic surgeon related to the injury which might need surgery to correct the m... Read More »

Can a buckle fracture of the wrist cause damage to the growth plate in the wrist?