What is wrong with my vonage decive the phone lights doesnt turn on?

Answer go to the vonage user forum, there usually are able to help, because they all go thru a similar problem! would also help if you tell us what you have DSL or... Read More »

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Do I have to use a special phone with Vonage phone service?

The Vonage VoIP service can be accessed with a standard telephone, corded or cordless. The Vonage adapter has a built-in telephone jack. When you configure the adapter and connect it to the Interne... Read More »

Will any phone work with the Vonage phone system?

If you are still using a dial phone, forget about signing up with Vonage. The Vonage phone system only works with touch-tone phones. You must have a high-speed Internet connection and a Vonage phon... Read More »

Vonage Phone?

I will work because your base-phone has a build-in router to all the extensions...including wireless...that the way mine is setup!1 base6 extensions1 bluetooth

How to Use a Fax's Phone With Vonage?

Do you have Vonage but you can't talk on your fax machine's phone? The only other phones are in other rooms? Read this!