What is wrong with my printer?

Answer Don't know for sure if this will solve the problem,but try this...…

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What is wrong with my computer/printer?

Right click on "My Computer"Select "Manage"Under "Services and Applications, select "Services"On the right, scroll down to "Print Spooler"If it's started, right click on it and select "Stop". If n... Read More »

What could be wrong with my printer?

Well... dear one... Mine's an HP 3180... so, while I have no personal experience with yours... I can give you the link to HP support... maybe they can give you an idea! Read More »

What is wrong with my HP Printer/Scanner?

When you get the preview screen, make sure that the marquee (dotted lines on the screen) are stretched all the way to include what you actually want to include in the scan.Click OK and it will scan... Read More »

What is wrong with my printer Epson stylus NX430?

On the left, select solving problems...On the screen, scroll to page 194