Something's wrong with my phone?

Answer I have the same phone and it does the same thing to me too all i do is leave it alone and just live with it then my phone will refresh and go away

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There is something wrong with my!!?

Go to my files check unwanted data.and delete them.

My phone is saying that my password is wrong but its not?

You could try and do a factory reset.It'll reset the entire phone, and the lock will be off. But you'll lose everything else you have on the phone.

Something wrong with my phone does anyone know a solution?

if your downloading over 3g thats the problem connect to wifi.or if you have 4g use that..and make sure you have all wifi or signal bars

Is something wrong with my phone battery?

the thing about Droid phones is that they have a TON of stiff running in the back ground. get a task manager AP so you can see whats running. chances are there is something draining your battery an... Read More »