What is wrong with my knockout javascript syntax ?

Answer It doesn't work because it's not valid JavaScript syntax, and it references variables that aren't defined.Take a look at the first line:$funciton(){What are you trying to do here? You have a $ at t... Read More »

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What is wrong with this line of javascript?

1) A malformed HTML file can interfere with your browser's ability to render it.2) Your HTML file needs to reference your .js file in order to use any functions in your .js file. I.e. 3) in your a... Read More »

What Is a Syntax Error, and How Do I Fix It?

Although many technically savvy people use computers on a regular basis, and you may be one of them, sometimes the simplest of errors can leave you stumped. A syntax error is a very simple and comm... Read More »

How to Add Syntax Highlighter to Blogger?

Directly edit the HTML code for your template to install Syntax Highlighter on your Blogger site. Since Blogger doesn't let you upload and store files on your account, you'll have to use the hosted... Read More »

How to Update a Syntax in Access?

In Microsoft Access, a syntax is the format that's used for query statements or structured query language (SQL). It tells Access which fields to select, compare or check; which tables to use; and t... Read More »