What is wrong with my knockout javascript syntax ?

Answer It doesn't work because it's not valid JavaScript syntax, and it references variables that aren't defined.Take a look at the first line:$funciton(){What are you trying to do here? You have a $ at t... Read More »

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What is wrong with this line of javascript?

1) A malformed HTML file can interfere with your browser's ability to render it.2) Your HTML file needs to reference your .js file in order to use any functions in your .js file. I.e. 3) in your a... Read More »

Something really wrong with my pc. it wont turn on. what wrong?

Check your processor it might be fried so stop trying to restart your comp before you loose everything. Processors are about $65 but if it fried it's either because your comp fan is out or full di... Read More »

How to retrieve sent email with invalid address@syntax error?

If it was sent with invalid address&syntax should have came back to you...otherwise you would not be aware of it. You can find that e-mail in your in box and also in the sent box......

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