What is wrong with my keyboard?

Answer Aw! OMG that sucks... :(I have no idea! I hope it works! That's terrible!! :\Maybe there's some dust in it or something? Um, did you spill anything on it?

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WTF is wrong with my keyboard?

What's wrong with my keyboard?

If your keyboard is doing that, then I just think it's broken or a dud. Keyboards aren't that expensive, and if you do have to buy a new one I suggest you buy an apple one. Their keyboards are nice... Read More »

Whats Wrong with my Keyboard?

The cheapest and easiest solution is to buy a new keyboard...Shop around on the Internet for the best deals...Good luck!

Something's wrong with my keyboard?

pressing the [Insert] button toggles "overwrite" function in some text box. That means if you move the cursor typed letters and type, it will overwrite the text.