What is wrong with my iPad (URGENT HELP NEEDED!!!)?

Answer you might be able to disable ads like that. its not a virus, its just some stupid *** website thatll pop up on anything site.

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What is wrong with my computer (urgent: please help!)?

- Apart from the possibilities of malware and viruses, your machine may also suffer from performance problems. Too many front end applications open will chow away on RAM (memory). Same is true for ... Read More »


Okay, you have a virus (or similar malware). It took over your computer faster than your Avast! security software could cope with. Now explorer.exe is not running so you just get a blank backgrou... Read More »

Please help. Urgent response/s needed. What am I to do?

Call the local hospital and ask for a nurse to help answer your questions. They do it all teh time and are generally a great help.

URGENT help needed NOW!!?

You poor thing, lay back and take some deep breathes, let see if we can come up with something in your time of need. You have picked some very good boy names and I feel that you should consider th... Read More »