What is wrong with my iPad (URGENT HELP NEEDED!!!)?

Answer you might be able to disable ads like that. its not a virus, its just some stupid *** website thatll pop up on anything site.

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Your instructions to make folders is not working on the iPad I. It does work however on the iPad 2. What is wrong.?

you should get a $500 ipad 2 because than even though it is more money it is more advanced and would maybe last longer....that's my opinion!!

IPad help: When my daughter went to update her ipad something went wrong and it was restored back?

You can pretty much only get back things you have ever backed up into itunes.If you have ever done a sync in iTunes you probably did a back up.Plug it into iTunes do a "restore from backup" and pic... Read More »

Urgent help needed please?

reinstall shockwave flash or restore your pc to yesterdays setting

URGENT help needed NOW!!?

You poor thing, lay back and take some deep breathes, let see if we can come up with something in your time of need. You have picked some very good boy names and I feel that you should consider th... Read More »