What is wrong with my computer (urgent: please help!)?

Answer - Apart from the possibilities of malware and viruses, your machine may also suffer from performance problems. Too many front end applications open will chow away on RAM (memory). Same is true for ... Read More »

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My internet and computer keep freezing up, whats wrong with my computer PLEASE HELP!!!?

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What's wrong with my computer Help please?

What's wrong with my computer! Please help!?

Could be a issue with your video card drivers. Have you ran any updates lately? You can try a system restore to an earlier date and see if it helps.

What's wrong with my computer Please help!?

I agree with "Some Guy" --It can be a lot of things -- Even with the Fan working properly, a Laptop can overheat, depending where it's located.Personally I sounds may an issue in your Register.You ... Read More »