What is wrong with my computer (urgent: please help!)?

Answer - Apart from the possibilities of malware and viruses, your machine may also suffer from performance problems. Too many front end applications open will chow away on RAM (memory). Same is true for ... Read More »

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URGENT URGENT! How do you export videos from your computer to an iPhone 3GS?

You will actually have to convert the video to the iphone format (m4v) then once converted, drag it to your itunes library. Use Handbrake for fast, free conversions.

Whats wrong with my eye plz answer urgent plz :)?

It sounds as if you have scratched the cornea. This can be painful and is also an invitation for bacteria which is an invitation for infection. You need to go to your medical doctor and get on an a... Read More »

What is wrong with my iPad (URGENT HELP NEEDED!!!)?

you might be able to disable ads like that. its not a virus, its just some stupid *** website thatll pop up on anything site.

The headphone jack on your computer cuts in and out. There is nothing wrong with your headphones as it happens no matter what headphones you use in the computer. What is wrong and how do you fix it?

Step 1. Throw your headphones out the windoes Step 2. Go to the store and buy a new pair Step 3. Open the box and watch the magic happen