What is wrong with my computer monitor?

Answer There are certain standards in the computer industry and one of them is that a blinking light on a monitor indicates that it's not getting a signal (I'm going to assume that since the power button ... Read More »

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Is something wrong with my computer monitor Do I need a new one?

I would also definitely suspect the video cable connections being loose or the cable is bad. If reseating both ends of the video cable didn't have any affect, check & reseat your video card in the ... Read More »

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with my computer monitor?

thats water damage. I would assume due to condensation.

I recently built a computer but something is wrong with my monitor. How do I fix it?

as your monitor is "very old," is it connected via VGA? If so then you need to adjust the offsets and scale in your monitor setup on-screen-display (OSD). If vid DVI-D or HDMI, and your monitor is ... Read More »

My computer powers up, but my monitor stays black, What's wrong with it?

- Monitor plug is loose- Maybe you only think that your computer has started. Hit the NUM LOCK key a few times, then CAPS LOCK key a few times. If you see the lights go on and off, your computer ... Read More »