What is wrong with my computer?

Answer I would look at your logs on your pc first, right click computer then manage, event viewr expand then windows logs, look at application and system and when you see red dot double click and just rea... Read More »

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The headphone jack on your computer cuts in and out. There is nothing wrong with your headphones as it happens no matter what headphones you use in the computer. What is wrong and how do you fix it?

Step 1. Throw your headphones out the windoes Step 2. Go to the store and buy a new pair Step 3. Open the box and watch the magic happen

What is wrong with my computer!?

It does sound like your laptop is overheating.But its likely from dust build up inside of it. It clogs fans, blocks airflow, and retains heat. You need to get some compressed air and blow inside yo... Read More »

What is wrong with my computer fan?

Basically, Your HSF ( Processor's heatsink/fansink ) becomes dusty over time, or may be mounted improperly. This may cause it to heat up much faster, as intensive applications use more processes, t... Read More »

What is wrong with my computer!!?

that doesnt mean that you have viruses.. it means that you have a slow internet connection. if your computer is slow that might mean that your processor is old, outdated or may also mean t... Read More »