What is wrong with my body?

Answer Definitely talk to your doctor or psychiatrist. That's not normal. If you can, call them now just to put your mind at ease. They'll probably tell you to stop taking it.

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Is there something wrong with my body?

yea, i do think you should seek professional help, it seems serious. so stop waiting around, the faster you meet a doctor the better.

I have such severe body issues it's ruining my life though I know there's nothing really wrong with me?

Does the school have a psychologist? If so, make an appt. to meet with him/her. If not, ask your doctor to refer you to someone. You are not alone, a lot of people have this "condition." Your docto... Read More »

Something really wrong with my pc. it wont turn on. what wrong?

Check your processor it might be fried so stop trying to restart your comp before you loose everything. Processors are about $65 but if it fried it's either because your comp fan is out or full di... Read More »

What is wrong when a child's whole body swells?

You'd better take the child to a doctor. Don't wait.