What is wrong with my ankles/feet Please help!?

Answer For your plantar fasciitis i will suggest some products for that. It gives you relief from your pain. It helps you.. :-)

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What is wrong with me Please help!?

its amazing that all that is wrong with you, but you still feel up to dicking around with the internet. sounds to me like you might have a bad case of the fullashitz. get it checked out

OMG!!! What is WRONG with me!!! Please help me!?

This happens to me all the time! I eat everything and then try to purge. As soon as I get to the bathroom I look in the mirror and pray that this time I will be able to get it up. Sometimes it take... Read More »

What is wrong with my finger Please help!?

looks like a blister.put a plaster/band aide over it now that you have burst it.if you don't know what caused it see a doctor.

Please help.....Am I at risk...What is wrong with my PC...?

Hi Pandora, (((hugs)))Either your computer network was indeed hacked by an intruder or you have a sly spyware/malware that downloaded itself onto your computer.I need to ask you some additional que... Read More »