What is wrong with my ankle?

Answer I would recommend seeing a doctor, better safe than sorry. Prolonging the injury by wrapping it will only make it worse.

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What do you think is wrong with my ankle?

Not enough info. Elevating it and icing it will reduce the swelling. Best of luck! (Careful on those steps!)

Please someone tell me what is wrong with my ankle?

Your parents denying you medical help is illegal. I wonder how old you are? I would go to a guidance counselor or nurse at school and tell them. Or I would just go to an emergency room and tell the... Read More »

What could be wrong with my ankle?

If I were guessing I would say a sprain or a pulled ligament or tendon (which takes longer to heal than a fracture). Of course the BEST think you can do for it is to stay completely off of it for ... Read More »

PLEASE HELP! What's wrong with my ankle What should I do about it now?

It sounds like you need to go to a specialist. You could go to an orthopedic doctor, who specializes in bones, or you could go to a sports injury doctor, who specializes in injuries in playing spor... Read More »