What is wrong with my Add/Remove Programs on Windows XP?

Answer More than likely something in your System Registry has gotten screwed up, because that is where the list is being built from.There is a location where all of the Uninstalls should be listed: HKEY_L... Read More »

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Can You Run Programs Meant for Windows 95 on Windows Vista?

Windows has undergone significant changes in the 11 years between the release of Windows 95 and Windows Vista. Although Vista includes several new features and lacks many older functions, it still ... Read More »

How to Make Old Windows Programs Run on Windows 7?

Having problems playing old games or running old software on your Windows 7? Do you really want to go back to Windows 95? Think again! Windows 7 has the capability of running most of the old games ... Read More »

Windows Vista Won't Boot. What could be wrong?

I would try a few things before you format/reinstall Vista.1. Try to take out all hardware upgrades. Only have the motherboard. I have found that not all hardware drivers are compatible with Vista.... Read More »

What the F*** is wrong with my windows movie maker?

Hi, windows movie maker does not recognize flip videos directly. You could get some information about windows movie maker here: need a professional flip vid... Read More »