What is wrong with drinking milk?

Answer only if it is strait from the cow...

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Whats wrong with drinking milk?

These answers are getting a bit mean.1. Michael H has chickens.2. He lives next to the cow farms.3. The cow farms he lives next to would be the "higher quality" ones, and not the even worse torture... Read More »

Why don't people like drinking milk?

Sorry to be a downer, but I can't drink it anymore. Don't keep reading if you don't want to hear a vegan's opinion. I mean, it's an animal's breast milk. It's meant for baby cows, not people. I... Read More »

Is drinking milk bad when you have a cold or flu?

I agree with moss I ............ milk and dairy products will increase the production of mucous and only increase the severity of you cold ♥Here's just a few good old fashioned common sense thin... Read More »

Is drinking rotten milk bad?

It tastes bad, but it won't kill you. Since you only drank a small sip, you'll be fine; just don't stress yourself out to the point where you make yourself sick.