What is wrong with a cat that is throwing up daily?

Answer A vomiting cat usually isn't something to be overly concerned about, especially with the prevalence of hairballs. But sometimes vomiting is a sign of a more severe problem called feline gastritis, ... Read More »

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When a pregnant woman is throwing up everything what wrong?

After a woman is pregnant she throws up. This is because she is detoxifying herself of all the antioxidants that were in her system before she got pregnant. But if she's vomiting up everything, the... Read More »

How many newborns are really given to the wrong parents daily and specifically how is this known and where is it documented?

If i get a shaky, jittery, weak, nauseous feeling practically daily whenever i consume sugar, what's wrong?

Yes, hypoglycemic.Cut out the sugar and carbs. Eat a low glycemic index diet. care Buff

Throwing Stars & Throwing Knives?

Thrown weapons are unique in that they look like a device that might be used in close combat but are actually designed and ideal when used as a short-distance ranged weapon. A throwing knife or sta... Read More »