What is wrong with a cat that is throwing up daily?

Answer A vomiting cat usually isn't something to be overly concerned about, especially with the prevalence of hairballs. But sometimes vomiting is a sign of a more severe problem called feline gastritis, ... Read More »

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When a pregnant woman is throwing up everything what wrong?

After a woman is pregnant she throws up. This is because she is detoxifying herself of all the antioxidants that were in her system before she got pregnant. But if she's vomiting up everything, the... Read More »

What is wrong with a vehicle that can be started with a remote but NOT manually?

When a remote start device is installed several wires need to be spliced into. All of these are at the ignition switch, my guess is that one end of the splice for the start wire has come loose, un... Read More »

What Is Wrong With a Dog That Has Blood in Its Stool & a Bad Ear Infection?

A dog's stool is a primary indicator of her health. Blood in the stool combined with an ear infection can point to several problems of varying complexity. With some tests, a veterinarian can determ... Read More »

Was it wrong that i took away my friends blade that she was cutting herself with?

It wasn't wrong, it just shows that you do actually care. However, she will find something else to cut with, regardless of whether she is just doing it for attention, which many cases of cutting is... Read More »