Electronic Techs. Plugged in the wrong adapter to my tape recorder Is it possible to have it repaired?

Answer It could be fried. Get an estimate from a repair shop. If it can be repaired it might not be the cost. A new one could be cheaper.

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How did Edith Frank die in Anne Frank's diary?

Edith Hollander Frank was the mother of Margo and Anne Frank. She was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp with her two daughters in 1944. Edith died in January 1945 after enduring a high fever an... Read More »

What's wrong with my face?

You should try consulting your doctor or a dermatologist, Maybe your just having an out break of some serious acne. these are some of the products you should use. -clean and clear-Acne free-proactiv

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Okay, this is the plain truth tht you ask for and im really not trying to be mean so dont take this the wrong way... Dont like your hair so you should cut it.. like a buzz but maybe not that short ... Read More »

What is wrong with Christopher Boykin's Face?

Im not sure but I heard he had like a scizure on one side of his face that paralzed it