What is wrong with RT's (Russia Today) website?

Answer It looks like there is an issue with their domain. It's not a seems to be their domain provider's website. There could be an issue with their agreement for the domain name.

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Is there something wrong with the web today?

ISP might be on maintenanceor DNS issueit will be alright


I have only three suggestions:1. Get a CCleaner from filehippo dot com to keep all of your browsers functioning at optimal speed.2. Make sure your system isn't being bogged down with hidden Adware,... Read More »

Something wrong with google today?

They have a massive server error involving their maleware checker that is causing false positives. Even google is marked as harmful. I am sure they will fix it soon.

What's wrong with Skype today ?

skype connects using essentially P2P tech. It also has what's called "super-nodes" set up sort of the phone directory of the skype world. What that means is when skype can't find you directly, it f... Read More »