What is wrong when your butt hurts when and bleeds when you poop?

Answer Its probably haemorrids (i.e. piles). Go to the doc, he'll give you a cream to ease them and probably pills to get rid of them.

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What do I have if it hurts to poop and my butt hole stings really bad when I go?

Drink more water. Most likely your body is low on fluids (and im not talking about coffee, pop or juice). This basically causes the skin in your anus to dry up, and when you poop, and there arent e... Read More »

How Do I Get Dried Poop off My Puppy's Butt?

Very young puppies have no control over their bodily functions and rely on their mothers to keep them clean. Even older puppies can need a hand with cleaning up afterward if they eat something they... Read More »

My butt hurts when ever i sit down!?

You pulled your butt muscles. A strained gluteal muscle is a partial tear of the small fibers of the gluteal muscles. The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles in the buttocks. This is not a... Read More »

My butt hurts for some reason help?

You may have an anal fissure...apply warm compresses to it, and should heal on it's own in a week. Try not to be constipated...add more fruit to your diet.