What is wrong when you constantly vomit in your sleep?

Answer Go to the doctor.

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Why do i constantly sleep?

Whats wrong with me i'm 15 years old, and been constantly thirsty for about 2 weeks.?

Well I'm 14 and have had diabetes since I was nine. You may really want to get checked. Tell your Mom and Dad to take you to the doctor. It can be scary but there is no reason to be scared. You get... Read More »

I have always loved sleep. i can sleep through my alarm, ect. Is there something wrong?

Oversleeping is as unhealthy as under-sleeping. At the risk of sounding "shrinkish," sleep is sometimes used as a defense mechanism or to escape from unhappiness or something unpleasant. You mentio... Read More »

What are the long-term cardiac effects of chronic insomnia and constantly disrupted sleep patterns?

Cut and paste from there has been some concern that insomnia may increase the risk for heart problems, little evidence has supported any significant dangers. One study re... Read More »