What is wrong when the signal light stays on in a toyata truck?

Answer On One Hand: Broken BulbsFor most vehicles, when a indicator light remains solid, rather than blinking, it means that one of the bulbs on that side has gone out and needs to be replaced. It could a... Read More »

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How to Change the Rear Turn Signal Light on a Dodge Truck?

Proper operation of your truck's tail lights is vital--the tail lights let drivers behind you know when you are turning and stopping, and even that you are in front of them after dark. The bulbs ar... Read More »

My computer powers up, but my monitor stays black, What's wrong with it?

- Monitor plug is loose- Maybe you only think that your computer has started. Hit the NUM LOCK key a few times, then CAPS LOCK key a few times. If you see the lights go on and off, your computer ... Read More »

What's wrong when my TV picture randomly turns off but the audio stays on?

Your video board in the television might be having problems.Send it for maintenance and check up incase you can still save your video board.Otherwise,exchanging a new one would be costly to you.Goo... Read More »

Reasons Why an SES Light Stays On?

A SES, or Service Engine Soon light, that stays on is an annoying problem. More importantly, a lit SES light may indicate a problem that needs attention to avoid damaging the vehicle's engine, emis... Read More »