What is wrong if you hear echoing in your ears?

Answer Dark urine can indicate a number of things, from anything like dehydration to hepatitis to bladder infection to worse. I would start by giving the baby plenty of water to drink and see if that help... Read More »

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Does anyone know what it mean when you can hear your heart beating in your ears?

it doesn't mean anything it happens all the time but i suspect that happens when theres to much blood rushing to your head other then that guess i have no idea.

Is it normal to hear your own heartbeat in your ears while pregnant?

Why do you hear that crackling noise in your ears when you swallow or yawn?

Those noises indicate the adjustment of the pressure inside your middle ear. The middle ear cavity is separated from the exterior by the tympanic membrane, and the only connection of the middle ear... Read More »

What is wrong with your speakers if to hear the music through the earbuds you have to turn the volume all the way up?

In my research I have found that Hearos HiFi's are re-labeled ER-20's.