What is wrong if there is blood in the stool?

Answer Blood in the stool warrants a visit to a physician. In some cases bloody stools may not be indicative a serious medical condition, but in other cases they may be a symptom of serious disease. Accor... Read More »

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What Is Wrong With a Dog That Has Blood in Its Stool & a Bad Ear Infection?

A dog's stool is a primary indicator of her health. Blood in the stool combined with an ear infection can point to several problems of varying complexity. With some tests, a veterinarian can determ... Read More »

There's something wrong with my stool?

Well you can fish it out, let it dry out, then take it to the gold buyer in town tomorrow if you're that proud of it.

Blood in my stool Please help?

It could be many things. This is not uncommon. Most of what might cause this is nothing to be seriously worried about. Go to a doctor and get it checked out if it happens repeatedly over a length o... Read More »

There is blood in my stool! Help?