What is wrong if there is blood in the stool?

Answer Blood in the stool warrants a visit to a physician. In some cases bloody stools may not be indicative a serious medical condition, but in other cases they may be a symptom of serious disease. Accor... Read More »

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What Is Wrong With a Dog That Has Blood in Its Stool & a Bad Ear Infection?

A dog's stool is a primary indicator of her health. Blood in the stool combined with an ear infection can point to several problems of varying complexity. With some tests, a veterinarian can determ... Read More »

There is blood in my stool! Help?

What are the causes of blood in dog stool?

Blood present in a dog's stool is indicative of several potential health issues. To determine the underlying cause, the veterinarian will run several tests that can include blood tests, X-rays, a u... Read More »

What are the causes of blood in the stool?

Blood is not a normally present in the stool and usually indicates a underlying, serious medical condition. Blood in the stool can either be visibly seen or gross blood, or cannot be seen or occult... Read More »