What is wrong if pictures on your iPod stay up for a second and then dissappear?

Answer I would try pausing it then maybe it will not disappear

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What is wrong if your pilot light will not stay lite?

Answer High winds, pilot generator. Is the heater located next to a wall? Is the heater door closed? Does the heater have a draft hood or what they call a stackless heater? Ken

What is wrong with your ipad2 if you cant take pictures?

If i back up my ipod touch and then restore the back up will all the saved data of the games stay?

Unfortunately no. But a lot of games that require an account usually keep your progress on their servers so when you restore it should still be there.

You ordered then wrong app for your iPad how do you get a refund?

You will need to contact Apple's iTunes Store Support. Please see the related links below for a link to the Support Center.