What is wpa-psk encryption?

Answer WPA-PSK is an encryption method for wireless network communications. It is a successor to the old 128-bit WEP encryption standard, designed to provide simpler and stronger encryption for networks t... Read More »

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What encryption does"pgp"use?

PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, is the name for a popular encryption program known to use unbreakable algorithms. When PGP is used to encrypt plaintext, the program first compresses the text. This rem... Read More »

What is Laptop Encryption?

While early laptops had limited functionality when compared to desktops, modern laptops are capable of virtually any computing task, including financial planning and other personally sensitive task... Read More »

What is file encryption?

File encryption is a security process used to protect sensitive data stored on a computer. The encrypting action encodes readable data so that it can only be read (decoded) with an encryption key.E... Read More »

What is a public key encryption?

Public key encryption is a security tool where data is encrypted using two related prime numbers, called keys. Data is encrypted using a publicly available key and can only be decrypted using the r... Read More »