What is worth more: mint sets or uncirculated sets?

Answer The terms "mint" and "uncirculated" both imply pristine condition, so the value would depend upon the coins. However, mint condition confers more value on coins intended for circulation--most of wh... Read More »

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If i have two TV sets and i pay TV licence fee. do i have to pay for each of the sets or it's all included?

Are tv box sets worth buying?

You either buy them because they are so brilliant you could watch them again and again or you enjoyed the series and the amount of hours you get in a box set is value for money.For example Dexter m... Read More »

How many sets should I do?

If you're keeping it natural, no less than 8 and no more than 16 per muscle group is what I found optimal for myself.

What would you name these sets of multiples?

Sextuplets:1.) Noah Jackson Riley2.) Alexander Ryan Scott3.) Delilah Evangeline Carys 4.) James Adam Christopher5.) Johannah Kylie Jean6.) Ian Chandler Reid"Noah, Alex, Ellie, James, Hannah, Ian"Qu... Read More »