What is worth buying iPod or iPhone?

Answer Define 'better'.

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Is the iPod Classic really worth buying?

I own the exact model you want to get and paid the same price. I have had mine for months now, and have gotten it wet, dropped it, and used it extensively. I also put new music on it every day and ... Read More »

Is the 8gb ipod touch worth buying.?

i'd get a 16gb . The ipod touch is amazing! it has simply everything! the internet is super fast too! i'd get an ipod touch and then get the 3.0 firmware update on itunes because it comes with ... Read More »

Is the iPhone 3G worth buying?

The Iphone 3g is worth buying because it has alot of cool features like you can talk on the phone and download music off your phone form the itunes store on the phone and you don't have use the com... Read More »

Is the iPhone worth buying?

I have one it sucks. I suggest you don't buy it. Get this... Ok I was having an emergancy and needed to call my mom like right that second, so I have just gotten this phone and want to call her, bu... Read More »