What is worse than to watch a clip on you tube and to not work righttttt?

Answer It makes me want to throw the computer through the window! j/k :)

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Do VHS tapes play MUCH worse or only slightly worse when played on a flat screen tv instead of a tube tv?

VHS tapes have maybe 220 lines of resolution. The best way to hook one of these up to a mondern TV is to use a yellow composite cable. It will turn that 220 lines into 480 lines. This signal wil... Read More »

How do you download a clip from you tube?

To download audio from YouTube videos or you can do from siguienmtes pages: Read More »

Did you see this You Tube clip in 2007?

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!No I did NOT see that, so thank you!My 9 y/o son and I just watched it in utter fascination, of course cheering the underdog (but, not the lions, once THEY became the underdogs).... Read More »

How to save a video clip from YOU TUBE?

theis is the best thing and is very fast and safefast amm sometimes just go here click on download videoclick on the video type pick MP4 then put your e-mailo yeah put the video url first lol amm i... Read More »