What is worse for your teeth?

Answer I'd say the Tea. I can tell by the way my tea cup looks. I just started drinking Tea. I didn't see that with the diet pop. Darn!

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Is tea or coffee worse for your teeth?

Answer According to an interesting research (good narrative can be found here: ), black tea contains a high percentage ofpolyphenolic constituents whic... Read More »

Retainers making my teeth worse?

My suggestion to you is go to your orthodontist they can tell what the problem is:)

Orthodontic nightmare... Teeth 80% worse than before braces... ?

Your case is a perfect example of people striving for had a perfectly fine smile.....what made you want braces...??!!I have seen the single tooth extractions work, but obviously n... Read More »

Afraid teeth/smile will look worse after getting braces...?

well i don't know how you look but i still don't think you have anything to worry about. as far as the braces pushing your teeth back, i don't think it would make that much of a difference it will ... Read More »