Whats worse Weed,Or alcohol?

Answer Anyone who has ever done any real research will tell you hands down that alcohol is a lot worse for you than weed.

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Weed vs Alcohol: Which is worse for you?

It depends really. Both can be very bad for you if used heavily. Marijuana has a lot of medicinal value, but red wine is also very good for your heart. Alcohol can be fattening though.I guess weed ... Read More »

Which is worse, alcohol or weed?

What is worse for your body?

Black tar heroin destroys the veins faster then any of the other drugs you mentioned. But meth has the worst effects on your body from use, so it's a flip. Both wouldn't be to harmful if it's a on... Read More »

What is worse for your body, being too hot or too cold?

Too cold is more harmful. You can easily cool down if you are too hot but is very difficult to warm up and can be fatal. Many old people perish from the cold every year.