What is worse for you soda or beer?

Answer Technically speaking, they're both pretty bad for you. Beer is full of calories and soda is full of phosphoric acid which is great at making bones become a lot weaker. They will be both contributin... Read More »

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Why is diet soda worse to drink than regular soda?

Aspartame (sweeteners) are really bad for your health

What is worse for you Soda or Energy drinks?

I have not heard of anyone being hospitalized or dieing from drinking soda.You hear of that happening all of the time with the energy drinks!That says it all.What makes energy drinks bad?12 spoons ... Read More »

What is worse for your liver - 3 mg of Xanax or a 6 pack of beer?

The 6-pack. Liver damage from Alprazolam is extremely rare. Cheers.

Which is worse: Tea or Soda?

IMHO, you're better off with tea. Provided you brew it at home and use real cane sugar to sweeten it, rather than buying the canned stuff loaded with High Fructose Corn Crack. The phosphoric acid t... Read More »