What is worse, bee sting or a shot?

Answer A bee sting hurts worse. A shot is over in a second and is for your good. If you don't look at it, you might not even know when it happens.

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Bee sting keeps getting worse.?

As all the others have said, try taking some Benadryl. You want to take a double dose though. This is the equivalent to what a doctor would give you. You are having a SLIGHT allergic reaction to th... Read More »

Is a honey bee sting worse than yellowjacket?

I've been stung by both and the yellow jackets are way more painful and they don't die when they sting you so they keep coming back to sting you again.

If there is a bee sting but it doesn't have the stinger in the sting what should you do besides put ice on it?

If the stinger was there you would know it. Stingers don't go entirely through all the skin. It is not unusual not to have the stinger in the bee sting wound.Wash it and apply some antibiotic oin... Read More »

Quick! home remedy for a bee sting please! made baking soda paste already sting is on foot?

From a pharmacist...the tobacco and mud solutions hold water. I assume you have already done this. It is time for Benadryl...capusles, not the topical. Don't drive.Feel better!